Creative digital-assets need intuitive marketing strategies since any product which is unique to its core strcuture requires no special attention to reach a global crowd, only if one knows exactly how to pilot it in this digital mayhem. Corporate search-engine giants like Google, Bing, Yahoo, showcase products not only on the basis of unique keywords but also follow the path in which they were brought into existance in this digital milieu.

And finding the best-fit marketing company that mainly focuses on the following is easy to trace.

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So, keeping these in mind, we stand out by following the basec 6 pillars of online marketing and brand establishment.

Consultancy, before operation

In this ever-progressive digital marketing arena, it very important as well as confusing to start a proper prognosis hence stepping into this needs an expert advice. Like each lock has its own key, every website needs unique attention depending upon its nature of operation. This inital strategic metrics, insights and planning is the first pillar of digital marketing.

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Search Marketing

The very basic step towards a popular web-presence starts with Search Marketing which, in short, means a functionally and asthetically improved web-appearance to help probable clients visit and increase the traffic by organic or paid search. If given a chance, our efficient and experienced group of SEO/SEM specialists will make sure to take you to the top of the rank.

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Social Media Marketing

With the advent of various social media giants, information exchange has become very easy and addictive. As a result, sharing of contents with the exact target audience with proper demography has become a typical norm. Working with various platforms like these need special set of expertise to help your customer get engaged with your brain-child and increase brand awareness.

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Affiliate Marketing

Though this pillar sometimes considered as the subset of SMM, Influencer Marketing is unique to its core self and should not be amalgamated with any other mode of digital marketing. Influencer marketing planning is more complex and back-breaking if not monitored by an professional group of members like Sketch Me Globals as it needs interdisciplinary expertise to execute plans.

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Content Marketing

Content marketing being the most dynamic form of marketing that creates better conversion rate, is less expensive in terms of its execution. Still it needs a fair amount of competence when it comes to entice your probable customers to generate organic traffic for you. Though known for its simplicity, the strategy for content marketing is not an easy play unless supervised by a coherent group like Sketch Me Globals.

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Conversion rate optimisation

This part is an amalgamation of intuitive digital ideas with technical experimentations and as a consequence to which lure an user to take any desired action on the page. With the kind of experience that we have and the technical knowledge we have gathered so far, our way of tackling these situations is strategically planned that generates maximum Return on Investment (RoI).

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News / Achievements

Informed the authority of Paytm about the weak code that leads to the threat of easy Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attack

Informed the authority of Paytm about the weak code that leads to the threat of easy Clickjacking attack

These success stories rests heavily on the achievements of Sayak Mukherjee and Ayan Chakraborty. Click refresh to know more.

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