In this era of emerging medical growth, technical assistance for medical needs have become greater. The importance of this field can be perceived with the fact Half the world lacks access to essential health services. Focusing on the gravity of this situation, we have been pushed to create a comprehensive and efficient digital medical system that mainly encompasses Doctor-Patient-Laboratory connections or in another term, Digital Laboratory & Prescription Management System.

Features set

Following are the functional features of the Scholar Managment System

  • Patient Manage
  • Doctor Manage
  • Prescription Generation / View
  • Collector Details
  • Pathological Test Details
  • Test Charges / Billing
  • Prescription Link Generation / Share
  • Extensive reports

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How will it help you?

With the advancement of technologies, digital prescription will eradicate communication dissonances which arises due to manual writing as well as it will ease the process of interpretation and dispense of medicines based on brand / generic names. All the user details (i.e. Patient, Doctor, Collector etc.) come within one window that automatically arranges itself in such a way where physical communication is reduced drastically. Apart from that, any organisational activity (like Document enlistment, SMS connectivity, Test details, Prescription share etc.), patient appointment, is also connected as a detachable self-contained unit.

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Do you really need it?

If you own a pathological laboratory then it's a must-take for you as digitisation of pathological complexities makes the product very easy to use and user-friendly.
If you provide services to health fraternity and you have a list of patrons who need digital assistance via SMS / Mail services then you may also opt for this.
If you run / own a doctor's chamber which deals with medicines or prescriptions then also you can go for it.

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Customisation opportunities

This entire web-structure is made with up-to-date technical frameworks and also encompasses all the useful connectivities of relavant category that makes a Trading System work. Still with the varying requirements of the customers, we readily change the software to make it more tailor-made, thus helping to map the digital communiction with physical needs.

Support after sale

The business strategy that Sketch Me Global uses focuses more on support than sale as the relational continuity and integrity (being the backbone of any business of a Company) is hard to find nowadays. Our multilingual support team will continuously provide digital assistance to your ongoing/completed projects to bridge any knowledge-distance in order to provide an enhanced and tailored-made solution.

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Technology stack


  • > Codeigniter Framework


  • > MySQL
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