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Provider of Systematic Logic to Your Digital Chaos

Sketch Me Global provides user-centric services that make your online visibility more proficient and prolific.

We create a powerful web presence for both small and medium sized businesses. We have the expertise to execute assignments of varying complexities. Team Sketch Me Global thrives on making perfectly suited tools for clients in many key domains. Some of them being

  •    Health
  •    Education
  •    Production
  •    Worflow
Features & Reaches

Creative concepts which are unique to the point of being exclusive

Team Sketch Me Global has happy customers from all around the globe who appreciate our efficiency and details to aesthetics.

This Kolkata based software firm whose clientelle includes both Government ventures as well as several prestigious international firms, provides cut-above-the-rest strategy with solution as per your digital needs.


Design-aware, functionality oriented robust solution To match the needs of varied industries

Scholar MIS

A multi-tiered user management system that automates commercial processes of the corporate sector with the implicit works done by the heirarchical operators and the enrolled students with course based payment system.

Leather MIS

A multi-departmental leather management system that automates and categorises leather production processes, inventory management, pay-roll services and stock compilation for accurate commercial engagements.

Pathology MIS

A self-identifying multi-layered system that automates pathological testing, administrative operations, and laboratorical commercial aspects through a seamless inter-departmental logic-flow for an end to end digital patient management.

Paper MIS

A module based multi-tiered custom system that automates dynamic nature of paper bag manufacturing business for costing, distribution, invoicing, dispatching, employee handling etc, thus reducing manual effor to almost null.

School MIS

A multi-tiered user intra-operability system that automates academic and administrative operations, with inter-departmental interaction for the best scholastic endeavours with dynamic offcial procudures.

Trading MIS

A multi-module offer and user management system that automates the Sea food trading system which is synced with the export management to create a stress-free compilation for accurate digital supply chain engagement.

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