Converting education to smart learning must follow the basic architecture of providing adequate digital learning along with conventional form of teaching, thus maintaining a balance between the students who are getting the information and the faculty members who are conveying the same.
These distinct but interdependent modules need a proper way of transacting the efficient Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to ensure proper and quick knowledge circulation of administrative and academic management. With this requirement our efficient team has created this technical jewel to help the education fraternity relish the smooth usefulness of this product.

Features set

Following are the functional features of the School (Pre/Mid/High) Managment System

  • Year wise individual master information set up
  • Students, Faculty, Exam, Course, Library, Accounts Managment
  • Heirarchical user manament with permissions and previledges
  • User categorisation and sub categorisation
  • Registration, ID card, Admit Card, Marksheet etc.
  • Banks and payment setups
  • Special student permission and cases like concession, student transfer etc.
  • Extensive reports

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How will it help you?

Though reducing manual workload is the backbone of this software, the underlying digital automation will help you to arrange and sort things very easily, as well as it will drastically improve organisational activities. The interface helps you to interconnect the faculty members with the students (via live stream/home-work/classwork), easing the process of administrative jobs, managing accounts, payrolls, doing online transactions and what not.
Comprehensive Historical Analysis and Research Tool or (visual)charts will help mainly those kind of users who wants to grasp the full idea of the organisation at a glance, depending on the requisitions.

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Do you really need it?

If your organisation has a structure that provides teaching facilities to students and it has atleast one categories (like, Admin) and it deals with users (like, students, recurring customers etc.) the you should opt for this.

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Customisation opportunities

This entire web-structure is made with up-to-date technical frameworks and also encompasses all the useful connectivities of relavant category that makes a Trading System work. Still with the varying requirements of the customers, we readily change the software to make it more tailor-made, thus helping to map the digital communiction with physical needs.

Support after sale

The business strategy that Sketch Me Global uses focuses more on support than sale as the relational continuity and integrity (being the backbone of any business of a Company) is hard to find nowadays. Our multilingual support team will continuously provide digital assistance to your ongoing/completed projects to bridge any knowledge-distance in order to provide an enhanced and tailored-made solution.

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Technology stack


  • > Codeigniter Framework


  • > MySQL
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