Being a manufacturing units has its own pros and cons based on its complex nature of operations and requires very well-planned and competent way to handle wide variety of sub-modules that make the entire system work. Paper product management system is no different than this as its intricate nature comprises of multiple constituents, like product identification, order forecasting, pricing, shipping etc. along with monitering resources, data, processes, and business systems. The complexities that arise with this system have kept this field digitally barren for long time, which later has pushed us to create this digital masterpiece.

Features set

Following are the functional features of the Paper Managment System

  • Yearly master setup
  • Costing of each product
  • Production based approach
    • Order Placement
    • Consignment
    • Arrival
    • Distribution
    • Billing
  • Invoicing
  • Payroll System
  • Heirarchical user manament with permissions and previledges
  • User categorisation and sub categorisation
  • Extensive reports and Logs
  • Google Chart with progress

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How will it help you?

This digital masterpiece will help you starting with the Roll distribution management from the Mill to the home delivery of products. It is likely to ease the process of mapping the quantity and quality of paper rolls with the end-products, based on how much paper wastage, manual efforts, man-days, costing of bags, invoicing etc. So, to grasp the idea of what exactly is going on with the resource management at different levels, be it Managerial level or an operational level, it shows exact reports that fills the void that happens with the manual process of the same.
So, if you want to have Comprehensive Historical Analysis or exchange data quickly among various wings of your industry then you should opt for it. One of the best reasons to hang on to this product lies in the fact that user gets complete transparency of cost of production and uses real time data to track all productive activities and manage them proactively.

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Do you really need it?

Though this software was created for the mid and top layered Paper bag Industries but with the current digital revolution , any institute or organisation with the structure that has more than 2 different user categories (like, Admin, Accounts, Operators etc.) and those who deal with monthly/daily orders from (mainly) domestic/overseas may opt for this.

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Customisation opportunities

This entire web-structure is made up with up-to-date technical frameworks and also encompasses all the useful connectivities of relavant category that makes a Manufacturing Unit work. Still with the varying requirements of the customers, we readily change the software to make it more tailor-made thus helping to map the digital communiction with physical needs.

Support after sale

The business strategy that Sketch Me Global uses focuses more on support than sale as the relational continuity and integrity (being the backbone of any business of a Company) is hard to find now-a-days. Our multilingual support team will continuously provide digital assistance to your ongoing/completed projects to bridge any knowledge-distance in order to provide an enhanced and tailored-made solution.

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Technology stack


  • > Codeigniter Framework


  • > MySQL
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