Providing a brand name to the digital presence through the tool called website, is an essential part of a business, irrespective of its type, category or financial status. Sketch Me Global is considered to be one of the top website companies of Kolkata as it always thrives for delivering ingenious Web-presence by adopting best website designing methodologies and it's fanciful yet strategic ideas and out-and-out solutions for multi-categorical web-types, be it

dynamic website designing

ecommerce website designing

ecommerce website development

wire-frame designing etc.

The main objective is to circulate information through the asthetics of digital logic, which we feel is lacking a lot nowadays. That's why we focus on creating a smooth web-experience through the following stages.

Shaping, before making

Sketch Me Global religiously focuses on requirement analysis before proceeding with any project and stands out in the crowd because before we spearhead your project, we provide you with a business module just so that you have a robust and scalable solution that will give you a relational continuity and integrity to boost your business.

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Success, pixel by pixel

With the help of an experienced and efficient team, the client's brain-child is digitally brought into the interconnected global network of virtuality. So team Sketch Me Global, after taking up a project, not only prioritises meeting your expectation but also gives importance to the satisfaction that we derive from delivering our work well, since in your better today lies our better tomorrow.

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Securing, a better future

The actual purpose of digitally evolving your brain-child never ends until it is protected from cyber-attacks. Team Sketch Me Global provides a robust and reliable digital-cocoon to protect your website through various layers of defence mechanism, followed by concentrating on the maximum ROI (Return On Investment) as we strategically fulfill your needs by focusing on your target market and addressing the demands.

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Support, after sale

Our relational continuity gradually increases as we grow with our project via an extensive assistance. The support group, being an integral part of team Sketch Me Global, is the link that bridges the minimal knowledge-distance that we may have with you, thus helping boost the associative correlation in order to provide an enhanced and tailored-made solution.

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Those who trust us

Technology Stack

News / Achievements

Informed the authority of Paytm about the weak code that leads to the threat of easy Cross Site Scripting (XSS) attack

Informed the authority of Paytm about the weak code that leads to the threat of easy Clickjacking attack

These success stories rests heavily on the achievements of Sayak Mukherjee and Ayan Chakraborty. Click refresh to know more.

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